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Joseph Catania Orthodontics Patient Reviews

Our office has a tradition of serving the families of Syracuse with high quality orthodontic treatments since 1982. We have built a reputation in the community for providing state-of-the-art care, paired with the very best customer service by a team of professionals who are genuinely concerned with the beauty and function of your smile.

Now is a great time to get the smile you've always wanted! Dr. Joseph Catania offers a wide array of orthodontic treatments to fit your needs and is invested in the most advanced and effective technology including traditional braces for all ages, SureSmile, Invisalign clear aligners, Damon System braces, In-Ovation, and sleep apnea care. 315 446 3360

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Review Verified on 5/21/2018
"I thought that the people were nice and felt like they cared about how I was treated. Catania cares about the treatment and how I progresssed and did what was best. They were gentle on my teeth as well and I didn’t feel bad afterwards. So I’m glad to have come here for my braces/treatment."

Review Verified on 5/17/2018
"Very good"

Review Verified on 5/9/2018
"I have clean and straight teeth."

Review Verified on 4/4/2018
"I got my braces off sooner than expected and each appointment was smoother than the last. I’m very happy with my results."

Review Verified on 3/19/2018
"We had a wonderful experience"

Review Verified on 2/19/2018
"They are amazing! I love my new smile, thank you so much!!!"

Review Verified on 2/14/2018
"Easy appointments"

Review Verified on 2/14/2018
"Real efficient technology and orthodontic team across the board. Finished nearly 5 months ahead of anticipated end date. Very satisfied with the services they provide and the balance between professional care and informal comfortability."

Review Verified on 2/13/2018
"Great experience very friendly staff and helpful service."

Review Verified on 1/31/2018
Facebook Verified
"Before braces my teeth were horrible, they were crowed at the bottom and they did not look good. But after having braces for about year and a half, they look so much better! They feel great, and everyone who worked with me was so nice. They talked to me when they were working on my teeth so it didn’t get boring and it was fun! Thank you!"

Review Verified on 1/29/2018
Facebook Verified
"It has been a great experience. Everyone was very friendly and great to work with. They do good work on teeth and have been very happy:)"

Review Verified on 1/16/2018
"According to Meghan: everyone is very friendly/ chairs are comfy/ my braces came off earlier than I thought. According to mom: appt scheduling is great/ everyone was super nice"

Review Verified on 12/11/2017
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"They take the time to consider every detail, with great attention. They are always very kind, polite, and professional. Dr. Catania is an outstanding professional and resolved my dental problems faster than I imagined. I highly recommend this establishment to anyone."

Review Verified on 12/6/2017
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"The everyone in the office is nice and friendly. I always felt cared for and taken care of when I came to the office. My teeth feel and look great!"

Review Verified on 12/4/2017
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"All of the workers in the office were very kind and considerate, I found the treatment process to be easy and logical so long as I followed the process correctly. I’m happy I have been able to use Sure smile at Catania orthodontics for my treatment."

Review Verified on 12/4/2017
"Wonderful office. Sure Smile is great. The time with braces was very fast compared to traditional braces. The office staff is fantastic. They are great at working with us for appointment times. Very friendly and welcoming."

Review Verified on 11/9/2017
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"Always such a pleasure to visit the office. You are greeted with a warm welcome. You have made Jeremy feel so welcomed and relaxed. Like I have said before - you are family when you are a patient of Dr. Catania!! You are the only orthodontist that I would ever want my family to see."

Review Verified on 11/9/2017
Facebook Verified
"Great experience!"

Review Verified on 11/7/2017
"I’m glad I got my teeth fixed and it only took a year and a half especially because other kids have them on for years. Another thing is people always complaining about how certain things hurt like for example when you get the actual braces off and either they are just babies or these guys did a great job and normally I’m not the “tough guy” so I’m guessing it’s the latter."

Review Verified on 11/2/2017
"I cannot thank you all enough for the kindness, compassion and information given to me at my appointments. From your receptionist Lee with her warm and friendly greeting to each patient I watched come in. She is the perfect representative of the office as a whole. And sets the tone as to what one is going to receive from the entire staff. Dana and Kim are warm, friendly and so knowledgeable in their craft. It helped so much to put someone my age at ease. And of course Sara and Dr.Catania, to be able to take the time to explain to me all the intricacies of both my case and the financial aspects to my case. With all my questions and fears, I cannot begin to thank you enough for your patience. As you can see, I do not normally smile in photographs. This will be my third foray into having orthodontics, times have changed, procedures have improved since the 1970's and 1990's. I was not given retainers back then. This will be different. This, I believe is what is needed to fix the issues in my bite. Now to begin the process with Dr.Catania and his wonderful staff."

Review Verified on 11/1/2017
"Once again Dr. Catania calmed my young son as we face the possibility of braces soon. The reason we are going for consults with Dr. Catania is because we trusted him with our first three teens! He did fantastic work with our other kids! We highly recommend him and his full staff? The staff complements him very well, and the office works smoothly! Great place for braces! Try him!"

Review Verified on 10/31/2017
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"I love my smile."

Review Verified on 10/26/2017
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"I am so happy that I decided to get braces, and Dr. Catania and everyone in the office has made my experience amazing! The online log in makes confirming appointments and paying your bill very easy."

Review Verified on 10/25/2017
"Great experience at Dr Catania. Thanks to the whole office"

Review Verified on 10/25/2017
"You guys are great!"

Review Verified on 10/24/2017
Facebook Verified
"Great staff, great products, and timely appointments. My son is very happy with the Sure Smile braces Dr. Catania recommended and they have resulted in fewer and shorter office visits. Can't recommend Dr. Catania highly enough. Is there an 11 star option?"

Review Verified on 10/10/2017
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"Everything was great and everyone was very nice, if I ever need braces again (hopefully not) I’ll be back :)"

Review Verified on 10/3/2017
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"Always very polite, courteous, and great with the kids!!"

Review Verified on 9/29/2017
"Excellent customer service and care"

Review Verified on 9/27/2017
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"Dr. Catania and his staff were beyond wonderful. From them being flexible with my schedule, to feeling welcome and relaxed I cannot recommend them enough. Dr. Catania is professional and the best in his area of expertise. I will miss coming in."

Review Verified on 9/25/2017
"Staff are nice and patient. They were very kind. The process was very easy."

Review Verified on 8/21/2017
"This has been a great experience and we would highly recommend this practice to anyone considering orthodontia."

Review Verified on 8/15/2017
"Service is great"

Review Verified on 8/2/2017
Facebook Verified
"Completely thorough, empathic, speedy process that empowered my son with information, product and support on how to have a great orthodontic experience. Found their personal attention above and beyond average. Thanks Dr. Catania & stafffor a great experience."

Review Verified on 7/17/2017
"I am so happy that even at the age of 26, I decided to get braces! From the moment that I walked into Dr. Catania's office I knew that I wanted to finally get braces after years of debating, and only wanted Dr. Catania to help me on my journey to a perfect smile! The office always has the latest information and technology in regard to braces. Using acceledent really helped with any discomfort that I may have had with my aligners and shortened my treatment. I am almost done with my treatment and already look at my before pictures and cannot believe how much my smile has transformed. I cannot wait to see my end result! Thank you Dr. Catania!"

Review Verified on 7/13/2017
"I love the dentist and the staff. They are very helpful and do amazing work. I am very happy with the results."

Review Verified on 7/12/2017
"Great service and I enjoyed the experience!"

Review Verified on 6/28/2017
Facebook Verified
"We are so happy with the way danni brace experience went.. she had a rough go at it, but the staff made her feel very comfortable.. thank you for all you did!! She looks great!!! We will definitely be back with our son"

Review Verified on 6/27/2017
"Always friendly staff. Everyone was knowledgeable on every question."

Review Verified on 6/20/2017
"I am glad that the time with braces with the Sure Smile was short."

Review Verified on 6/6/2017
"The Sure Smile process was great. My sons's braces seemed to come off in no time. Can't say enough about how wonderful the staff and Dr. Catania have been. Thumbs Up!"

Review Verified on 6/6/2017
Reviews 43 - 84 of 1674

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